Near the end.

I'm doing ok..., grades are up :D. almost to that 3.00 average.

Motivation and my will is what keeps pushing me and not being lazy in bed or complaining about things that are too hard in life. (I still whine a lil haha but i move on)

Not everyone has the mental capacity to do this, but those that do congrats :).

I'll have my second lil small paper saying BFA next fall XD. My first paper was my AA. jaja.

Ill probably abandon this journal once I'm near done with school and go towards a more professional style of blogging haha. XD.

signing off for now.

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Live life to the fullest!

So their shouldn't be anything too taboo for me.

4 more weeks left :)until the summer school happens.

I'm enjoying story boarding :D


a very few things have happen in the last past month.

I had a hand injury at work( a container, that was almost empty went over a Broken lock) yes i do have pictures of the cuts and awesome bleeding.

next a guy at work who doesnt know it yet has lost his job becaause he is sick( his losing a kidney, birth defect)